Open Volunteer Opportunities

1. NAPP wishes to create a membership option for large firms and companies having internal groups of patent practitioners. We are seeking one or more recommendations for the membership benefits committee and/or board to consider.

2. NAPP's board has approved guidelines for a mentorship program, and John Davis has collected materials from similar programs at other organizations. We seek someone to review the materials and prepare application forms for completion by potential mentors & mentees, as well as a matching and follow-up procedure.

3. NAPP's new forums are limited in terms of newsletter function. We seek a programmer to modify the existing newsletter module or implement a new module that can email digests of all forum activity including replies.

4. NAPP wishes to supply original content as a benefit for NAPP members. We seek blogs, presentations, webcasts, and other educational materials for professional development, as well as one or more people to curate the new materials in a member-accessible archive.

5. NAPP is seeking a chairs for committees.

a. Governance committee: Provides recommendations for improving NAPP's policies, procedures, and bylaws. Develops guidelines for directors and committee members. 

b. Member Benefits committee: Evaluates researches and considers adding new benefits.

6. The Public Relations committee is looking for volunteers to help with a content marketing campaign (creating education content about patent practice).